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Bethany Swine Health Services & Herd Management

Serving the Midwest and Beyond since 1960

Bethany Swine Health Services has provided livestock producers with health and management services since 1960. We are located in the Northern Illinois town of Sycamore. Currently, 6 veterinarians work from the BSHS office. BSMS is the management company managing 12 farms, with 30,000 sows and over 200 employees with our in-house production management team. We’re proud to work with independent producers and strive to provide solutions in every aspect of animal care, from animal health to husbandry to environmental regulations and construction management.

Rensselaer Swine Services/Swine Alliance

RSS is a veterinary clinic located in Northwest Indiana. Our veterinarians specialize in swine and help individuals with pigs all over the Midwest. We will always keep the best interest of both our clients and the consumer in mind.

When BSHS and RSS merged in 2016, two families with similar beliefs came together to service their clients. We have brought over 120 years of industry experience to our clients along with exemplary veterinary service, client education and production-driven results. Health and production focus is what we offer our families, individuals and companies we work alongside. Together we proudly serve over 90,000 sows along with their downstream flows.

We succeed when you succeed.