Swine Herd Management in SycamoreBethany Swine Health Services prides itself on working with independent producers to provide solutions and consultation in all aspects from animal health and husbandry to environmental regulations and construction management. This retainer relationship allows the client to appropriately budget for a veterinary consultation expenses, and allows us to assist the producer in preventing problems before they begin. Furthermore, this encourages the producer to ask for additional help when the need arises, resulting in healthier pigs and more profitable production.

Bethany Swine Health Services also maintains an extensive database on pig performance and marketing, and benchmarks this data on a regular basis so that our producers always have quality information to help drive their decision-making on the farm.

In addition, Bethany Swine Health Services organizes and hosts meetings on a variety of production related topics to make sure our producers have access to cutting edge technology, innovation and research, while reinforcing age-old principles of animal husbandry that are as important now as they were when Dr. Russell Schelkopf began his veterinary practice in the DeKalb area in 1960.

  • Veterinary Services & Consultation
  • Management Services
    • Sow Farms, Wean to Market, Boar Studs
  • Client Education
    • Newsletters, Classes, Webinars
  • Production Consultation & Record Analysis
    • PigCHAMP, PigKnows
  • Environmental Regulation & Stewardship
  • Swine Facility Construction Management
  • PQA® Plus and TQA® Certification
  • Welfare Trainings and Assessments
  • Herd Health Planning
  • Slaughter Checks
  • Diagnostics
    • Autogenous Vaccine Formulation, In-house Bacteriology, Coordination with State/Federal and Private Labs
  • Trichinae Herd Certification
  • Product Sales and Services

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