Benchmarking & Continuous Improvement

ImprovementAt Bethany Swine Health Services, we strive to always keep our clients at the top of swine production. This requires regular analysis of data from the sow and finishing farms, as well as marketing data. We can provide closeouts on groups of pigs, as well as reports of that performance benchmarked against other farms within our system. This data is generated weekly, quarterly, and annually at different levels to make sure producers always have information to drive decisions for their farms. Contact Charles Schelkopf for information on our marketing analysis system, and find out how many dollars you are leaving on the table.

In order to improve, one must admit what they do not know, so we host 2-3 meetings each year, focusing on differing aspects of pork production. From ventilation and day one pig care, to biosecurity and transportation, we work to draw industry experts to our area to keep our producers on the cutting edge and always striving for improvement.

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