Management Services

Swine Herd ManagementBethany Swine Health Services has taken an aggressive lead in the industry to keep our swine customers as competitive as possible. To this end, in 1997 we formed the first of five sow centers which were created to assist our clients in obtaining a high quality, cost effective, consistent flow of pigs on their farms while removing the high labor and costly breeding and gestation portion of swine production. In addition, we continue to provide veterinary and consultation services to 90% of the downstream flow from these farms, so we are focused on producing a quality weaned pig that will generate the most profit for the producer at marketing. Bethany Swine Health Services manages all day to day aspects of these farms with an on-site manager at each of the facilities, and regular visits by Bethany Swine Health Services staff and veterinarians.

Bethany Swine Health Services is also capable of providing management services for existing sow and finishing units. This service can be tailored to individual needs of the site and producer to include staffing, site maintenance, marketing, nutrition, data collection and analysis, or any combination of these services. We strive to achieve high production levels, while keeping costs in line, maximizing profit to the producer.

Biosecurity is of the utmost importance in today's swine industry, and we hold all of our farms to the highest standards possible. We've developed truck washes, load out facilities, and air filtration systems for our farms. We can help you develop a biosecurity plan that is tailored to your farm, and then develop steps to audit its implementation. You can't afford to not have a plan to protect your farm's investments.

When you succeed, we succeed!

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