Sow Farms

Sow FarmsBethany Swine Health Services currently manages 12,500 sows on 5 sites in northern Illinois. The first of these farms was constructed in 1998, with an additional farm being added every 2 years until 2006. This system allows individual producers to maintain their independence, but benefit from the efficiencies of a larger system. Our shareholders receive pigs based on the number of shares owned. The producers that own these farms come in every shape and size, with groups ranging from 400 to 6000 pigs, and facilities that are just as varied from outside lots to wean to finish situations. Therefore, Bethany Swine Health Services prides itself on producing a pig that can thrive in a wide range of facilities. With a long-term relationship with many of the shareholders, most of our pig production stays locally, but we also ship pigs throughout the Midwest. Contact Steve Feuerbach if you are looking for a quality source of weaned pigs for your operation.

We believe that the economies of scale provided by a system for animal health products, feed, and employee management are beyond what any individual producer can provide on their own. In addition, we also maximize efficiencies with an in-house repair and maintenance crew with over 50 years of experience in swine farm construction, maintenance and management. In addition, in 2006, we formed a gilt breeding/gestation company that specializes in producing high-quality gilts for each of our sow farms to maximize lifetime production of each and every new gilt that enters the farm.

To further support our sow farm system, we also partner with Illini Swine, Inc. to manage a 200 head boar stud and 1200 sow genetic multiplication unit that feeds our farms. This allows us to have a higher degree of management and control over our genetic inputs, and creates synergies for both companies to succeed. Bethany Swine Health Services also provides detailed accounting and reporting to the members of each farm on a quarterly basis as to the status of their investment that they have entrusted to our care, and we do not take this trust for granted.

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