Staff of Bethany Swine Health Services

Bethany Swine Health StaffDawn (Johnson) Felix

Dawn (Johnson) Felix is a native of Sycamore. She received her B.A. from Northern Illinois University. She started working for Russell and Sterling Schelkopf in high school. During her time with the Schelkopf family she has been involved with Schelkopf Veterinary Clinic, Illini Farms, Cornhusker Cattle Company and back to Bethany Animal Hospital. Dawn is currently the Business Manager responsible for payroll and accounts payable. She supervises the Large Animal division of the animal hospital which manages ten other businesses.

Dawn was raised on a farm and has deep roots in DeKalb County agriculture. Dawn says that "working with our farm clients is a joy - they are solid people, the foundation of our economy and our nation." She feels blessed to have worked for the Schelkopf family during her long career. They are truly committed to providing the the best animal care and supporting our clients.

Dawn is married to John and has two sons, Marc and Matthew and two stepsons John and David. She enjoys watching soccer, decorating, reading, travelling and flower arranging.

Bethany Swine Health StaffCarol Ford

Carol Ford is our Purchasing Manager. She also is in charge of our Billing Department. Carol orders and tracks pharmaceutical purchases, meets with allied company representatives and distributers and works with our clients on their medication needs. In addition to her purchasing and billing duties, Carol is responsible for the financial management, payroll and accounts payable for one of the managed farms, Pleasant Hill Farms. Carol joined the Bethany Swine Health Services staff in 2006. Her screensaver reads, "I love my job! I love my job!" Outside work Carol enjoys cooking, gardening and reading.

Bethany Swine Health StaffDebbie

Debbie joined the Bethany Animal Hospital staff in November of 2000. As part of the large animal staff, her primary responsibility has been pig data record management. Recently, she has added feed data record management to her responsibilities. Debbie has a son and two daughters. She enjoys spending time with her family.

Bethany Swine Health StaffKim Potter

Kim Potter joined the large animal staff in October 2011. Kim has an AAS in Business Management/Administration. While orginally hired to coordinate the weaned pig deliveries in the sow center management division of the office, since Natalie Waters rededication to Small Animal Practice Manager, Kim has taken on more of the day-to-day business administrations of the sow farms. She enjoys the variety of responsibilities and the challenges of keeping all the balls in the air. When not working, Kim enjoys spending time with her family.

Bethany Swine Health StaffSusan Stanley

Susan Stanley says she enjoys learning something new every day. Since joining the staff in December of 2007 she has done many "new things" Primarily, Susan is responsible for preparing and tracking the laboratory samples sent to various diagnostic laboratories. Recently she been responsible for doing the data entry and reports for one of the data services Bethany Animal Hospital provides called "Money Left on the Table" which strives to improve marketing for optimal results. As part of this process, Sue also does many closeouts of groups of pigs that are marketed by many of our clients. Around fair time she is extra busy preparing Health Papers for the various shows and fairs as well as routine interstate shipments. When not learning "new things" at work she enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren, reading and traveling.

Bethany Swine Health StaffJoy White

Joy White spends the majority of her time at Bethany Swine Health Services doing data entry into the PigKnows Data system. When that is not consuming her time she helps with the IDOT reporting and preparing autogenous bacterins for some of the farm clients. Prior to joining the staff in August of 2007 Joy worked as an educator and in retail. She enjoys spending her free time with family and friends along with playing golf, gardening and cooking.

Bethany Swine Health StaffNatalie Waters

As Bethany Swine Health Services expanded their sow farm management, Natalie Waters was hired in 2002 to assist in all areas from member meetings to financial management. As more farms were added her role became more supervisory and managerial. She is a member of the Illinois Pork Producers Association.

In 2012 Natalie was promoted to Bethany Animal Hospital Practice Manager. This new role requires that the majority of her time is devoted to the Small Animal division of the hospital. Natalie still oversees the financial management of the sow farms.

Natalie and her husband, Jim live in DeKalb. They have a daughter, Jaclyn and a son, James.

Bethany Swine Health StaffCassie

Cassie joined Bethany Swine Health Services in April 2015, after first being hired at the Small Animal office as a receptionist in October 2012. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Criminal Investigation from Lewis University. Her primary responsibilities include preparing and tracking laboratory samples to send to various diagnostic laboratories, payroll for five of the managed sow farms, reception, writing health papers for interstate movement and any other tasks anyone may need assistance with. One thing she enjoys most about her job is learning about the different diseases and illnesses. During her free time, she enjoys reading, writing and caring for her five pets at home.

Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson is currently working at Bethany Animal Hospital while attending Northern Illinois University. The days she spends in the office, she lends a hand to whoever needs it. Her primary job is to answer the phone in order to free up others around the office, but she also enters work orders, accounts receivable and handles the billing of pigs on a regular basis. She enjoys working on projects that incorporate her knowledge of design. She has created a brochure and booklet for Bethany Animal Hospital which has been shared with clients and potential clients from Illinois and Indiana. Jessica enjoys learning about the swine industry and has incorporated the skills she’s learned at her job into life beyond Bethany.

When Jessica is not working at Bethany Animal Hospital, she is attending Northern Illinois University with an emphasis in graphic design. She enjoys spending time at home, on the farm, with her family. They have their own fall and summer businesses that keep them busy throughout the year. If she’s not spending time on the farm, she’s probably at the movies or at a concert with her friends.

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