Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services for SwineRetainer (Contract) Client Relationship:

Today's veterinary service includes more than just diagnosing and treating sick animals. We strongly believe in a full proactive approach to swine health. This includes regular visitation with our clients and routine visits by the herd veterinarian to the farm. This not only allows us to notice subtle changes in herd health, but allows us to assist in preventing problems before they start. We work to assist our clients with a wide variety of herd management issues including pig flow, employee management, herd expansion, and training.

Therefore, we have created a retainer/contract client system whereas each client has a predetermined fee per pig that includes all consultation and keeps problems at bay. Again, when you succeed, we succeed. This arrangement also allows clients to participate with us in bulk purchasing programs for farm supplies and medications, allowing them to achieve greater buying power than they could individually.

Non-Contract Client:

Due to our dedication to our contract clients, our ability to service non-contract clients may be limited. Bethany Swine Health Services has long supported the 4-H and FFA organizations and the role they play in the development of youth in agriculture. Fair time is always an exciting time as the efforts of raising livestock are exhibited. If a doctor is available to test animals for exhibition, payment for the services is due at the time of the farm visit. These fees would include the doctor's visit and health papers and a fee per pig that would cover the blood testing, supplies, UPS and laboratory testing fees. Please be sure to contact us in advance to check on availability of a doctor and to allow adequate time for the necessary test results and paperwork to be completed.

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